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Automotive Parts

At Mike Barry Motors, we know your car manufacturer's scheduled maintenance requirements and their suggested parts replacements.

For new cars, we do recommend:

  GM/Delco parts for GM vehicles
  Ford/Motorcraft parts for Ford vehecles
  Chrysler/Mopar parts for Chrysler vehicles.

and other manufacturer's parts for their vehicles.

However, depending upon the age of your car and your budget, there are a number of parts manufacturers who supply quality parts that will fit your vehicle and that will do the job ... in most cases, as well as genuine brand parts, supplied by the manufacturer.

When you bring your car for service, please let us know your desires regarding the use of factory manufactured replacement parts versus after-market parts.

If you want your car, truck or motorcycle repaired ONLY with genuine manufacturer's parts, we can get them for you and make the repairs.

If you would prefer to spend a bit less or you believe that re-manufactured parts or after-market parts will do the job, please tell us that, too!

Our job is to repair your vehicle the way you want it repaired and to make you happy!

Our Customer's say...

"Jim's car care advice is sooo helpful, I just want to say Thanks."
               Molly T.