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Regular Automotive Maintenance

Engine Tune-Ups and Vehicle Maintenance

Having regular, scheduled maintenence on your car can:

  help your car run more safely
  save you money!

Today, with improved technology, an engine 'tune-up' is most important and is something we do well at Mike Barry Motors. So, what is a 'Tune-Up'?

Generally, in today's modern car, there are four primary tune-up components. These are:

  some Fuel Filters.*
  Spark plugs
  Air filters and
  Cabin Filters*
(also called dust filters, or HVAC filters.
They clean the air inside your car).

How do you know when to get an engine 'tune-up'?

If your car is 'acting funny' or not performing as it normally does, then it may be time for a engine tune-up.

Following the manufacturer's maintenance interval is the best way to avoid problems. At Mike Barry Motors, we know how often the manufacturer of your car recommends regular service and we can do it for you!

General Vehicle Maintenance

  Oil and Oil Filter Service
  Coolant/Antifreeze Flush

  Brake System Flush
  Transmission Fluid Service
  Differential/Gear Box/Transfer Case Services
  Tire maintenance (rotation, balance, replacement, and alignments)

You should also have us regularly check:

  Front End
  Belts and Hoses

Maintain your car and avoid potential problems!

CALL 213-0807 to schedule your general auto maintenance today!

(* not all vehicles need or have these parts. Just ask and we'll tell you what your car needs.)

Our Customer's say...

"And once again, we are SO THANKFUL for the best car shop in a 5,000 mile radius!"
               Amanda S.